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HUBSAN X4 H107C DRONE IS SIMPLY THE BEST written by: dreamwriter
Are you looking for the best drone? With the many brands on the market, buying a drone is not easy as many people think. The best done depends on whether you want to learn to fly or capture aerial videos. Regardless of the purpose of shopping for a drone, one of the places where you can find great deals is online. With online shopping, you can order for a drone right from the comfort of your couch as you continue sipping your glass of wine. Today, we have brought you a comprehensive review of one of the best Hubsan drones on the market; Hubsan X4 H107C drone.

Hubsan X4 H107C drone weighs less than 50grams. If you have been looking for the best drone for beginners then your search should end with Hubsan X4 H107C drone. Its package comes with everything you need to take off including a battery, transmitter, USB cable, manual and extra rotors. In addition to things included in the package, we recommend that you shop for micro SD card for taking digital videos as well as four AAA batteries that will help power the transmitter for better flight experience. To protect the device, we advise that you mount the blade protector attached at the bottom of its package.

Flight characteristic of Hubsan X4 H107C drone

You only need to charge the batteries provided and you will be good to go because of the in-built 6axis gyroscope. The device offers stable and level flights even when used in windy weather conditions. The battery provided only takes between 30-40 minutes to charge and it can keep the device in the air for about 7-9 minutes once charged fully. To enjoy extended sessions, you can shop for extra batteries. The R C transmitter is not only stable but also easy to use when compared to other models on the market. The gadget allows you to choose different modes thus preventing cases of flipping every now and then.

Video features of Hubsan X4 H107C drone

The device comes with a button that you can use to start as well as stop recording videos. Its camera has the ability of recording at 720P to provide you with crisp as well as lively footages that will make you to love it even more. However, you should use it under good weather conditions to avoid shaky videos.

Pros of the device

• Fast as well as sporty

• Offers stable flight, thanks to its lightweight design and gyroscope

• Solid video quality

• Less pricey

Cons of the device

• Short battery life thus you will need an extra one

• Does not start/ stop recording using the transmitter

• Delicate camera

In conclusion, Hubsan X4 H107C drone is simply one of the best devices that you can buy. The device is lightweight, drone kits for sale and has a gyroscope that offers stable and level flights. When it comes to videos, this gadget boasts of high quality that you might not realize if you decide to shop for any other brand on the market. Its transmitter is stable and very easy to use during flights. The price and features of this device make it worth consideration.